Beto Dias, one of the most well known Cape Verdian artist in the world, honored us with his presence during the music festival that was held in September.

The honor of serving, without knowing that, the most beautiful Italian girl who ever entered our restaurant and to find out at the end of the service, after wondering for hours if it was really her, that she was nothing but the real Miss Lombardia in the flesh!


Apart from having the honor to welcome for dinner Pierluigi Ferrantini, the singer of the “Velvet” group, whom I spent a fantastic time with, we also had the pleasure to welcome his beautiful wife, Carolina di Domenico, VJ of MTV Italy from more than 7 years and their fantastic son Pietro, who, despite being just 3 months old, left us already his “little autograph” (see above)! 
We’ve also been honored to serve in our restaurant Mitu Monteiro, World Champion “KITE WAVE MASTER 2008”, the most famous and appreciated kite-surfer in the island of Sal. To him our special thanks for being with us! Go Mitu Go!








We’ve all seen her when she made her first TV debut in 1997 in “Mai Dire Gol” and for the following 3 years, also together with Alessia Marcuzzi. She has delighted us all in “Mai dire Maik” with Fabio de Luigi and Ugo Dighero. Her smile took her here to Sal before the beginning of the TV season 2010-2011 and of her new program “Melaverde” together with Edoardo Raspelli on Rete 4.

And the joy in meeting and serving her by person in our restaurant, in hearing her voice and breath every instant of her kindness that has bewitched million of people for years cannot be expressed! Try to imagine having her next to you as it happened to me in this picture! Thanks Ellen Hidding! You are really adorable!