“The Sun” Magazine, one of the most important UK magazines, reporting about the island of Sal, has mentioned our restaurant as the one “recommended”, a prestigious award for us when we consider all our daily care in keeping culinary standards qualitatively perfect in such a difficult reality as Cape Verde is.

In the year 2008, an English couple who had their dinner for 9 days in a row at “Chez-Pastis”, entered the Guinness of Presences at our restaurant.
On the 22nd March 2009, this record has been beaten by a couple of nice customers from Denmark: with 14 dinners in a row, Ms. Henriette and her husband, Mr. Niels Chr. Rohde, officially entered the Guinness of Presences 2009 at “Chez-Pastis”.
They have been able to transform their dinners into something going beyond the fact of enjoying food only, everything had become a reciprocal exchange of suggestions concerning tastes and food specialities.
For us all, a great unique award which we’ll never forget, meaning esteem and absolute trust towards the work we all do! Now we do wonder: who’s going to beat this record in the future?


Well, here we go!
For almost 2 years, the record set by Ms. Henriette and her husband, Mr. Niels Chr. Rohde from Denmark (2 persons/day x 14 days = 28 persons) (see picture above) has remained unbeaten and as far as the category “Couples” is concerned they are still the winners.

But on the 23rd October 2010, Family Hansen, Jensen, and Olsen (Mathias Hansen, Frederik Hansen, Oskar Hansen, Lars Jensen, Pia Hansen, Rasmus Hansen, Christian Hansen, Lisbet Hansen, BjØrn Hansen, Aase Hansen, Steen Hansen, Lizette Olsen) from Denmark as well, with a total number of 35 people eating at “Chez-Pastis” on 5 different nights, officially entered the Guinness of Presences 2010 at “Chez-Pastis”, Category “Large Family Groups” establishing the “First Family Record” ever in our restaurant.

They wrote a page of history at “Chez-Pastis” as nowadays it’s hard to see nice and great families like that and therefore they deserve to appear on our website! Thanks a lot for being with us! And now again: who’s going to break this record again?

Monday, the 17th January 2011: just 3 months after the incredible record set by Family Hansen, Jensen, and Olsen from Denmark, another page of history has been written at “Chez-Pastis”.

Mr. Jan-Olof Bengtsson (also named “Big Daddy” or “Mr. 10 Liters Beer”!), his wife Susanne Bengtsson and all the rest of the family (Emelre Wirell, Johan Wångå, Jakob Bengtsson – “Carbonara Boy”, Jessica Granlund – “Carbonara Girl”, Jon Bengtsson, “The Photographer”, Linnea Nordqvist – “Vegetables Only Please” and Jenny Manninen from Sweden, with a total number of 38 people eating at “Chez-Pastis” on 4 different nights, officially entered the Guinness of Presences 2011 at “Chez-Pastis”, Category “Large Family Groups” establishing the “First Family Record 2011”.
At the same time they are the largest family group ever that had dinner at “Chez-Pastis” since its opening.

We will never forget the lots of laughs we had together and most of all the heart attacks you caused to our Chef with your “XXXXXXL pasta portions”!
There’s a sentence I’ll personally never forget pronounced by Jakob: “we were talking together right now and we must really say that the highpoint of our holidays has been you and “Chez-Pastis”.

Things like this make you realize that the work you are doing is highly appreciated and since we know very well how hard it is to do it, I can only tell to all of you thank you very very much for being with us!
Your blue T-Shirt “No Stress” with all your signatures will remind me all of you for ever and ever! And now again: who’s going to be the next winner? Anyone ready to beat this?

Further awards, but this time from someone you’d never expect and in such an original way that needs to be mentioned at every cost, reason why we are publishing this photo.
Everyone knows, all the most important restaurant guides in the world (e.g. “Guida Michelin”) do always award the most exclusive restaurants with golden stars, being these sign of culinary exclusivity.
Well, in our restaurant, indeed, we had the chance to meet one of the most wanted persons in the world during winter time and not only, who after being at our restaurant over and over again, awarded us with “5 stars” in the form of single Chupa Chups, everyone having its particular meaning: one for the service, one for the food quality, one for the cleanliness of the restaurant, one for the niceness, one for our personal gifts.
But this time the award was something totally awesome: a giant Chupa Chups with 24 single Chupa Chups inside, the absolute maximum!
For all those who still don’t know it, the person we are talking about is Mr. Claus Mogensen, nothing but every children’s dream, same if turists or not, the real “Santa Claus” of Santa Maria, our only, the greatest, the real “Babbo Natale”.
For us, this is a honour we’ll never forget since the fact that since the first time he came at our restaurant Mr. Mogensen always pretended sophisticated tastes, cleanliness, service, courtesy but most of all noteworthy dishes, which, according to what he told us, he was able to find just in our restaurant in all the Island of Sal. Thank you very very much for all this!